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About us - est. 2020

A Chilean, an Indian and three Germans walk into a bar start making games together…

We're an independent game studio based in Cologne (Germany), focused on creating impactful, stylized and most importantly engaging video games! Floating through space as early as Summer 2019, Cyber Manatee Games was officially established in October 2020 when five game-loving professionals from around the globe decided to pursue their dreams together.

As game developers, coming from all kinds of professional and academical backgrounds, we can bring a diverse set of skills and expertise across all areas of game- and software development as well as audio-visual production to any game project.

The team is currently working on its first fully fledged multiplatform release called Pizzabot.

Jonah Fintz - Co-Founder & Programmer

With a freelance background in web and software development, Jonah takes on the role of Lead Programmer and Game Development specialist within Cyber Manatee. Jonah has worked on numerous development projects and is a specialist for providing great systems, efficient code and a reliable technical foundation for any venture. Jonah studied Game Development & Research at the Cologne Game Lab.

Mitesh Amin - Co-Founder & 3D Generalist

Having previously worked as an architect and set designer before transitioning into game development, Mitesh is not only a creator, constructor, and artist in the real world but also in the virtual realm. High quality concepts, immersive environments, state-of-the-art models, and 3D kits are his trademarks as a designer. Mitesh is also a specialist when it comes to designing and constructing Virtual Reality experiences. He studied Game Development & Research at the Cologne Game Lab.

Marc Kelbling - Co-Founder & Audio Designer

Marc really knows how people tick. After working as a psychologist for a big part of his career, he transitioned into games bringing his audio and sound design expertise to the table as well as having a great sense of what makes people tick when they interact with products of any kind, emotional or commercial. Like the others, he studied Game Development & Research at the Cologne Game Lab.

Joaquin Pelz - Co-Founder & 3D Generalist

Previously employed as a 3D Artist for TV and Film, Joaquin brings a lot of 3D design experience into the diverse skillset of the Cyber Manatee team. With a passion for creating realistic models and props for games, Joaquin makes environments come to life with his attention to detail. And to no surprise, he studied Game Development & Research at the Cologne Game Lab as well.

Sven Gießelmann - Co-Founder & Lead Designer, Producer

Originally coming from a background in software development as well as TV- and Film production, Sven-David is mainly responsible for game design & production. Next to his broad creative qualities & directional abillities he holds all the managerial strings together to get everything done in an efficient and desired way. Sven-David studied Game Development & Research at the Cologne Game Lab too and headlines all business developments for Cyber Manatee Games.