A crazy, strategic puzzler!


A Chilean, an Indian and three Germans walk into a bar start making games together!

We are Cyber Manatee Games – an independent game studio based in Cologne (Germany), focused on creating impactful, stylized and most importantly engaging video games.

Floating through space as early as Summer 2019, Cyber Manatee Games was officially established in 2020 when five game-loving professionals from around the globe decided to pursue their dreams together.

Pizzabot - Our first game!

Pizzabot is a multi-platform, turn-based puzzle-strategy game, where it’s all about planning your moves and overcoming hilarious, crazy obstacles in stylized, 3D diorama scenarios!

→ Control Pizzabot, your friendly neighbourhood delivery robot!

→ Solve strategy & puzzle challenges on chaotic and comedic adventures!

→ Explore unique locations all around the world, meet other robots and make new friends!

→ Discover crazy new obstacles and power-ups with each new level!

→ Optimize your path! Will you be the best delivery robot ever?

→ Customize Pizzabot to your liking - colors, body - all of it!

→ Create & share your own level challenges with others!

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